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Welcome to Kenwyn Holistic Health & Wellness, a small, warm hearted and personalized holistic energy healing practice located in Kenwyn Cape Town, serving clients from all over Cape Town.


Energy healing promotes healing by enhancing energy flow and correcting disturbances in the human energy field.

It’s an emerging form of complimentary and alternate medicine known as energy medicine or energy therapy. Since everything is an energy vibration, all healing ultimately involves energy.

As an energy healer I am often met with curiosity, fascination and sceptism when I do energy healing, which is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy system to remove blocks, and the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

Although various ancient cultures use different modalities to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal, they all saw internal energy as a powerful force of good.

Your energy vibration is your personal energy frequency. It’s a culmination of the life you live, every thought, and every action. It is the energy that permeates every cell in your body. Your vibration is your divine signature, your soul essence and is special only to you.

The human energy system includes the upward and downward flow of universal energy into the body and 7 major chakras which attach to the spinal column. These and other parts of our energy system are very dynamic and change quickly, based on what we think and feel. If our thoughts are not positive, our energy system reacts by pulling in negative energy and can become blocked.

Our energy systems know exactly what they need for perfect health and vibrant energy. When our energy systems are disrupted, blocked, slowed down or damaged, messages are sent to the conscious level that something is wrong and that we need to address the imbalance, blockages and damages.

Symptoms that there could be dysfunction in the energy field which can range from being subtle to being very overwhelming:

  • Fatigue or weakness
  • Chronic physical pains or illness
  • Depression, anxiety, restlessness, panic
  • Nightmares, sleep interuptions
  • Sudden change in behaviour,
  • Unfocused and feeling of being disconnected from others.

When energy is blocked every part of our life is affected, our health, emotions, finances, relationships and our energy levels.

If you’re feeling stuck, tired, blocked, try one of these tips to unblock your energy.

  • Deep slow breathing will draw in more energy into the body and get energy blocks moving
  • Exercise will get the heart rate going and will cause the breathing to go deeper
  • Water helps toxins and blocked energy release from the body and flow out naturally
  • A good cry is a great cleanser. Sadness wants to be dealt with and acknowledged
  • Getting into nature connects us with the world, it grounds us and it heals us
  • Meditate and visualise
  • See a healer

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