Gratitude Practice

Practicing gratitude regularly has numerous benefits that impact our lives in a meaningful way. Here are 20 benefits to encourage you to start your practice today.

1.       Your physical health is boosted and you’ll feel lighter on your feet.

2.       Sweet dreams are guaranteed with better quality sleep.

3.       Grateful people have more empathy.

4.       A regular practice boosts not only your self-worth, your self-confidence raises too!

5.       Your self-esteem grows exponentially.

6.       You joyfully celebrate the accomplishments of others.

7.       Your mental power improves whilst your stress levels reduce.

8.       Your resilience powers up when you recognise all that you’re thankful for, even during the worst times of your life.

9.       Your psychological health improves.

10.     The more you practice, the more you’re able to see situations in a positive light.

11.     Hebb’s law states, “Neurons that fire together, wire together”. The neural pathways that are stimulated while you practice             gratitude, react faster and responses become more automatic over time.

12.    You value and appreciate what’s important in your life.

13.   Your brain is hard-wired to promote a negative response. This is a remnant of the prehistoric brain which protects you from         danger. A gratitude practice helps to reprogram your brain to see the good in situations over the bad.

14.   Helps you learn more about yourself.

15.   You’re more contented and have no need for validation.

16.   Your relationships improve.

17.   Simply being aware of what you’re grateful for, by writing down you gratitude list, has a positive effect on your physical and           psychological wellbeing.

18.   Practicing gratitude consistently activates the production of dopamine and serotonin, your feel-good hormones. This makes         you happier and stimulates the ‘bliss’ centre of your brain.

19.   Rebooting your brain has a positive effect on your decision-making. Psychological studies show that being fearful of                     negative events greatly impacts your decision-making more than a potential positive outcome.

20.   If you are grateful, you will be blessed with more.

Gratitude Practice with compliments: Aneeka Moosa

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