Lower Back Pain and Emotional Stress


The pelvis is shaped like a bowl and the spine like straw that is dipped in a bowl connecting the brain to the entire network in the body. A Complex unit of muscles, bones, tendons, fascia fibres and ligaments, the pelvis houses integral muscles connecting the upper and lower extremes. 

Our minds often tuck away emotions, stress and pain in the confines of the hip bowl. That’s why our hips are referred to as the JUNK DRAW, or the STORE ROOM for dodge emotions.

Hips acquire a central role in our lives. One of the main muscles in this muscle group is the PSOAS muscle and is responsible for our ” flight, fight or freeze” response in the body.

The poas muscle is known as the “muscle of the soul” Research has shown that the psoas muscle is vital to our psychological wellbeing in addition to our structural health. 

This muscle is located near the hip bone. It affects mobility, structural balance, joint function and so much more…

In addition to it’s function, it helps to keep the body upright and moving.

The psoas muscle is believed to connect you to the PRESENT MOMENT.

There is therefore a lot more to the psoas muscle than what we think and therefore important to keep this muscle healthy and harness healthy panic energy


STRESS RELEASE ACUPRESSURE MASSAGE – focus on the main muscle groups, Including ENERGY HEALING for flow of energy to balance the different states of mind, with GUIDED MEDITATION to maintain balance

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