How to Move On



We hear the phrase ” LETTING GO” frequently. What are we really talking about when we are told to “LET GO”?

In a nutshell we are saying that when we “LET GO” we trust it will work out in our favour or what we want to happen will happen. “LETTING GO” sounds great in theory, but it is also achievable with practice.

The practice of “LETTING GO” is used to support our acceptance of the way things are and it is believed that it is a cornerstone of creating a happy and a full life.

But what happens if we are asked to “LET GO” of something that is deeply emotionally charged or something that is directly related to how you identify yourself.

We all have something to “LET GO” of. Just a few to mention:
LETTING GO of betrayal ( being wronged)
LETTING GO of relationships
LETTING GO of resentment
LETTING GO of the need to be right
LETTING GO of mental chatter
LETTING GO of bad habits
LETTING GO of adult children
LETTING GO of parenting
LETTING GO of aging and so much more.

We often miss out on the joys and hapiness of life of the present moment as we are dwelling on issues that no longer serve us. These dwellings are merely our thoughts that takes us to past event resulting in us feeling the emotional pain over and over again or future imaginary thoughts that eventually become nursed problems.

Deciding to “LET GO” of your emotions instead of identifying with them is a powerful technique. In addition to helping you become who you TRULY are it can free you from long standing problems and challenges where nothing else has worked.

As you practise “LETTING GO ” you begin to break the strong identification you have with the emotions that arise within you from moment to moment. This allows you to feel more peace and joy, even when things don’t go your way. As you continue to”LET GO” of your thoughts and feeling in this way, you will begin to feel lighter, happier and more at home and at ease both within you own skin and in the world.


Learning the “LET GO” process.

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