R 295

including foot and lower leg acupressure massage

Full Body (ladies only) Acupressure Massage

R 450

including Indian head and face massage and balancing the body

Clinical Massage

R 325

for Sciatica and other Back Ache, Acupressure Massage and Energy Balancing

Stress Release Relief

R 295

including Indian head, face massage with energy healing

Sinus Massage

R 250

including chest, face, Indian head, and ear acupressure massage

Indian Head Therapy

R 205

including acupressure face and ear acupressure

Massage for Relaxation

R 295

including energy healing for blockages

Emotional Healing

R 295

tapping into the subconscous mind with EMT to release past traumatic event

Learning to Deal with Stress

R 250

through Mindfullness, breathing technique and meditation

Enquiries and Requests are welcome.

Note that groups sessions are in the comfort of your home.

Massages are proven to help improve circulation and relaxation. Deep breathing exercises are used in conjunction with massages to allow the full effect of the massage and its stress-relieving and healing properties. Aromatherapy is also used to add another layer of stress relief with, if requested, sound therapy in the form of relaxing beta waves which directly work at a frequency that the brain may work at for optimal concentration. 

We work with the BODY, MIND AND SOUL for optimum benefits.