Slm...... I feel so much better. I woke up feeling like i could take on the world. I started applying some of the techniques you taught me. The pain in my lower back has subsided a bit.I also feel a bit more in control today. The therapy really helped. i feel so focused and my energy levels has gone up tremendously
20 February 2017
Mom's reading is 6,9. I cannot remember her reading ever being so low. She got up with a lot of foot pain but is alert and pleasant. Thanks for all your help.
Gulzaai Brey
Thank you so much for the session. After 5 hours I am still totally relaxed and pain free. I feel the relief especially in the problem joints. My left thumb, back, neck and my right knee in particular. Thanks, again you did great. Alternate healing really works. Look forward to seeing u soon.
Linda Roodt
Salaam. I went to the specialist today. And they put a scoliosis balancing scale on my back. Surprisingly the scale was straight. The only two defects detected was my feet and lower spine. (spinal bafida) According to the Dr there is not much deformation of my upper shoulder and spine. I could not explain to my husband and the specialist that my shoulder was hanging a few weeks ago. A big thank you to you and your healing. May Allah SWT grant you continue to strengthen the work you do.
29 August 2017 (scoliosis)
Slms dearest Hajira and Jumua Mubarak Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a toughing session yesterday. i sobbed and sobbed yesterday.... felt so much better and stronger after that. The digs at me continues.... however I feel stronger to cope. I am not so sleepy today. Much more alert and fresh. May Almighty SWT grant you even more healing power to assist is struggling souls this dunyia. ameen My special duas are always with you.
S Raja
10 Feb 17
I can’t remember when last I felt so at peace with myself. Shukran so much for helping me. But yesterday for no reason whatsoever I began feeling very emotional & stressed. Think it could be menopause. I am practicing the breathing exercise you showed me.
Marshiah Abrahams
My headaches are a lot better Alhamdulillah. Just a lot of emotion still but I think it’s due to the work pressure. I consciously practice the concentration and breathing helps but very difficult at times. What I’ve accepted is that I can only do so much and I will never be up to date.
Sherizaan Isaacs
Its Saffia - Shukran again for today. Here's my testimonia: I had the priviledge of attending Hajira's open day at Kewnwyn Holistic Health & Wellness. She took us through Energy Healing, Holistic Massage, Breathing techniques and Meditation. I was sceptical at first, but during the energy session I could actually feel a difference. The breathing and meditation excercise was mind blowing. I feel so much lighter, calmer and more in control than before. Thank you so much for the introductory sessions. Will definitely be back for more.
Saffia Manjoo
29 August 2017 (attended wellness open day)